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Terms of Reference

1 Troop

WO/ Conway S.

1 Troop 2IC

WO/ Cho

1 Troop 1 Section

MCpl/ Britnell

1 Troop 2 Section

Sgt/ Carlson

Regimental Sergeant Major

MWO/ Singh

Squadron Sergeant Major

MWO/ Scott-Zvanitajs

Colour Party Commander

WO/ McGowan

Colour Party Escort

MCpl/ Gregiore

Colour Party Escort

MCpl/ Gabbana

2 Troop

WO/ Conway K.

2 Troop 2IC

Sgt/ Rippon

2 Troop 1 Section

MCpl/ Hagan

2 Troop 2 Section

MCpl/ Gabbana

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