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History of 903

                 903 Kelowna High School Cadet Corps was originally formed 14 April 1921. It disbanded 14 October 1925

                 On 11 December 1940, the Corps reactivated under the same designation. On 3 Dec 1947, the corps disbanded. The next day (4 Dec 1947) the corps reformed and affiliated with 9th RECCE Regt (BCD) and redesignated as 9th RECCE Regiment (BCD) Cadet Corps 'B' Sqn. Three corps had joined together to form one. A Coy was from Vernon (1705), and C from Penticton (788). On 1 Oct 1962, the Corps reverted to their former numbers and this corps reverted to 903 British Columbia Dragoons (Kelowna) Cadet Corps.

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